IGC Invest Geothermal 2021

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Below you will find the schedule and the thematic structure of the program. For more information, please click on the respective session.


In this session the findings of the Georisk project of EGEC will be introduced as well as public and private risk share mechanisms.

Fit for 55: securing investment for renewable energy

Eva Hoos
European Commission

Unlocking geothermal investment with GEORISK tools

Philippe Dumas

The new Hungarian Risk Mitigation Scheme for Deep Geothermal Projects

Annamaria Nador

Update on Private Insurance Models

Achim Fischer-Erdsiek
NW Assekuranzmakler ProRisk GmbH & Co. KG

Closed-loop systems as a risk mitigation scheme for geothermal energy development

Robert Winsloe
Eavor Technologies Inc.

An investor will illustrate the risks of geothermal projects from his perspective and how he wants to cope with them. Various options to reduce the risks starting with Due Dilligence and exploration until the drilling contract the the planning and execution of the drilling will be shown by experts and discussed together with the investor and the participants.

Risks in Geothermal from the investor's perspective

Dr. Ingmar Helmke

Investment in geothermal energy, an engineering perspective

Dr. Hartwig Schröder
Enex Power Germany

Successful Risk Control and Mitigation for Drilling and Power Plant Construction

Dr. Christian Bauer

Exploration for Geothermal Energy

Dr. Wolfgang Bauer
Zukunft Geowärme GmbH

After the technical program of the event all participants are invited for a get togehter with canapés and drinks.

In the first session on the second day, three interesting geothermal markets (countries) in Middle Europe will be introduced with respect to ther geothermal areas, the installed capacity, the potential, the legal framework, the funding scheme and the risk mitigation options. In a further presentation a project of each market is presented.

The most interesting geothermal Markets worldwide

Alexander Richter

Geothermal Energy in Germany

Dr. Jochen Schneider

Geothermal Energy in the Netherlands

Martin van der Hout

In the round up session of the IGC Invest Geothermal actual developments and further actions to accelerate the geothermal development are discussed with various stakeholder also against the background of decarbonization of heating grids and the elctricity production.

Geothermal Energy in Croatia

Martina Tuschl
Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency

Expansion Potential of Deep Geothermal in Hungary

Annamaria Nador

Chances of lithium bearing brines in the Upper Rhine Graben (to be confirmed)

Elif Kaymakci

The Lunch will close the session and offer further networking opportunites.

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