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After a successful first IGC Invest Geothermal - Geothermal Finance & Investment Forum, ThinkGeoEnergy and Enerchange invite to the second global geothermal investment forum in Frankfurt/ Main in Germany. Held in the center of Europe’s financial sector, the event will be focusing on important elements of investing in geothermal energy development, such as risk mitigation, early stage financing, market incentives, blended financing options, multi-player projects and exit strategies.

With an increasing interest in development in growth markets, such as Turkey, Indonesia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and others, development continues to face the challenge of attracting adequate funding for projects particularly in the early stages of development. While multilateral programs and development banks are helping development in early stages, there is still insufficient equity funding available to move geothermal projects forward.

The IGC Invest Geothermal event is an annual forum and platform for geothermal industry geothermal industry leaders and international investors, including private equity, infrastructure, debt, institutional investors and public equity funds, as well as public funding partners such as development banks, funds and institutions. It further is set up to help increase awareness among investors and the geothermal energy industry to educate about opportunities and challenges of investments in energy infrastructure development globally.

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As an active player in the energy transition, Storengy store natural gas for 60 years. He is the partner to develop innovative solutions as geothermal energy (heat and/or cold generation, electricity generation and shallow – heat and/or cold generation and storage) and offers production and storage of low-carbon energy.



Dr. Jochen Schneider

Overview on global geothermal energy development

Alexander Richter

Regulatory and financial pitfalls for geothermal projects

Kai Imolauer
Rödl & Partner

The early stage of geothermal project development is the most critical phase, with high risks and high investment. Experts from Geothermal Developers and will speak about their experience and discuss risk management and financing of geothermal projects. 


Torsten Rosenboom
Hogan Lovells LLP

Structuring Geothermal in Indonesia

Ali Mundakir
Pertamina Geothermal Energy (PGE)

Geothermal Development in Turkey

Ural Halaçoğlu
Zorlu Energij

Perspective on Geothermal from a Developer of Renewable Energies

Radu Gruescu
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

First-Time Investment in Geothermal Energy

Gregor Gruber
IKAV/ecoprime Group

Over the past years, geothermal development financing has seen various models being developed. Within this session some of these models  re introduced and the role of funding programs and incentives discussed by Investors, Donors and Developers.


Thomas Garabetian

De-Risking Geothermal Development – The Case for Latin America

Arndt Wierheim
KFW Bankengruppe

The reasons behind the Mexican Geothermal Financing Program, current status and perspective

Michelle Ramirez Bueno

Overview of the financing of geothermal projects in Latin-America

Christiaan Gischler
Inter-American Development Bank

OPIC, Geothermal, and the New Development Finance Corporation

Stephen Morel
Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

Project developers are faced with significant challenges obtaining affordable capital, because investors (debt or equity) are uncomfortable with the risk and the price for external capital is too high for the project to be viable. With larger scaled projects, based on phased PPAs or modular plant developments, i.e. using well head generators, solutions will be introduced and discussed with power plant engineers, developers, operators and investors.


Amanda Lonsdale
Former Advisor to EAGER and Power Africa

Making Geothermal Cost Competitive in a Dynamic Electricity Market

Antonie de Wilde
North Tech Energy B.V.

Financing of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power Project, Cornwall/UK

Ryan Law
Geothermal Engineering Ltd.

Securing financial support for an unproven geothermal technology - showcase from the Netherlands

Robert Winsloe
Eavor Technologies Inc.

ORC 2.0 – cost efficient net & gross electricity generation

Wolfgang Brand

Electricity generation has been the most prominent target of geothermal project development, however further opportunities for geothermal energy utilisation exist to make projects more profitable. To use geothermal heat directly is an obvious choice, but with the summer periods a gap exists in the business case. Another – upcoming topic is the extraction of minerals from geothermal brines. The session will discuss the multiple usage of geothermal energy.


Manon Stover
Veizades & Associates

Lithium in Geothermal Brines

Dr. Detlev Rettenmaier
European Institute for Energy Research EIFER

Geothermal for heat production, the French experience

Constant Maton

Boosting sustainability of greenhouse farming by geothermal energy

Ivan Das

Powering a Sustainable Special Export Zone in Kenya using Geothermal Energy

Neil Hellings
Oserian Development Company

With the various features of geothermal energy and the possibilities to finance introduced during the day, this discussion round will draw conclusions on financing geothermal development and the instruments to accelerate project development and technological advancements. The Chair highlight the conclusions of each session and discuss the future challenges with the audience.


Alexander Richter

Amanda Lonsdale
Former Advisor to EAGER and Power Africa

Thomas Garabetian

Torsten Rosenboom
Hogan Lovells LLP

Manon Stover
Veizades & Associates

After another succcessful congress day speakers and sponsors are invited to the Social Event at a local restaurant with regional cuisine. Participants have the chance to book also a ticket, however, the free places are limted.

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ThinkGeoEnergy, is a geothermal focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities.
The firm operates the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally.

Information website Tiefe Geothermie

The Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie is the content strongest and most actual news plattform about deep geothermal energy in the German speaking area. The website offers in addition to the news a monthly newsletter and an extensive mercantile directory related to the news and German geothermal projects.


JeotermalHaberler is the new geothermal news platform for the Turkish market in Turkish language. The is a collaboration between ThinkGeoEnergy, the leading global geothermal news platform and Enerchange. Website: www.jeotermalhaberler.com


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Enerchange is an agency specialized in providing information services and consultancy in the area of renewable energies. We offer a wide variety of services at highest level. We take care of news portals, organize conferences and events or set up technical publishing – on our own or by order of a third party.


ThinkGeoEnergy, is a geothermal focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities.
The firm operates the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally.



New presentation about Lithium

Due to the cancellation of MGX Minerals we are glad to announce Dr. Detlev Rettenmaier as new speaker in Session IV. In his presentation "Lithium in Geothermal Brines" Dr. Rettenmaier will give an...

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Program Flyer released

We are glad to release the Program Flyer of this year's IGC Invest Geothermal. Here you can download the pdf. The printed flyer...

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Regular Registration prolonged until March 22, 2019

Due to great interest we prolonged the regular registration to March 22, 2019 at 18:00 CET. Moreover, we offer also a registration with the...

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