Speakers for IGC Invest Geothermal in Frankfurt confirmed

  • 06 Mar 2023
  • by rm

The speakers for this year's IGC Invest Geothermal on March 16 and 17 have been confirmed! Seventeen experts from different areas of the geothermal industry will inform in Frankfurt am Main about topics such as different European markets, promising projects and investment and funding opportunities.

The first day of IGC Invest Geothermal 2023 will be opened by Dr. Jochen Schneider (Enerchange). This is followed by a framing presentation by Prof. Dr. Inga Moeck, who has written a groundbreaking cross-impact analysis for the Leibnitz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG). This identifies key factors that need to be promoted to a particular extent in order to achieve the goal of generating ten terawatt hours of thermal energy from geothermal energy by 2030.
In the following event block, participants will have the opportunity to learn about various European geothermal markets. Besides the new developments in Croatia, presented by Marijan Krpan (Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency), insights into the markets in Denmark and the Netherlands are possible. The former will be presented by Søren Berg Lorenzen of Innargi A/S, the latter by Prof. Jan-Diederik van Wees of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO).
Finally, before the closing Ice Breaker at 6:30 p.m., presentations of three promising European projects will follow on March 16. Starting with "A new approach for portfolio creation to produce geothermal heat", presented by Dr. Wolfgang Bauer (Zukunft Geowärme GmbH), participants will also get an insight into the geothermal project in Speyer from Jörg Uhde (Stadtwerke Speyer GmbH). This will be followed by a presentation by Ernst Gostner, of FRI-EL GEO. S.r.l. on new exploration fields in Italy.
The second day of the event starts with the perspective of investors. At the beginning Roger Krämer introduces the company Equitix Ltd. and its role in the geothermal market. This is followed by Udo Schneider's presentation on Green Giraffe B.V., before Veronica Wänman from Baseload Capital Sweden AB closes the event block with her talk on market expansion.
This will be followed by a presentation on various funding opportunities. Benjamin Richter from Rödl & Partner GbR will introduce participants to the federal subsidy Efficient Heat Utilization, before Nicole Lupi will present our neighbors' plans for risk minimization with an excursion to Switzerland.
IGC Invest Geothermal will conclude with a session on forward-looking technologies on March 17. Starting with information on the current status of the Eavor Loop project in Geretsried, presented by Stephan Gebhardt (Eavor GmbH), Igor Kocis from GA Drilling will then present new technologies from his company. This will be followed by the presentation "Accelerating Geothermal Projects with GreenFire Energy`s GreenLoop" by Dr. Andreas Kaus (Baker Hughes).
Tickets are available at regular rates until March 10. Municipal utilities will receive a discount if they quote the code "geothermal2023".